The Correct Business Phone Number to Maximize Business Credit

Maximize Business Credit by Using a Business Phone Number

Fundability Requirements

To apply for loans, you must be able to meet loan and credit issuer acceptance requirements. To get licensed, lenders and credit issuers have a hidden set of conditions that you must follow. When individuals are rejected, it’s generally not because their credit is poor or their salary isn’t big enough; instead it’s because they don’t follow these basic fundability requirements. Your company phone number is one of these critical fundability considerations.

Business Phone Number and VOIP

A physical business phone number accessed from a business phone line is the best form of business phone number you can acquire. If you have a retail location and can get a business phone line built, this is the most secure type of a business phone number. A Voice Over IP service, which you can get from Freedom Voice or Ringcentral, is another alternative that is readily available to all of us. For a fax number as soon as you get a company phone number. Getting a fax number helps to build a reputation for your company. Freedom Voice and Ringcentral, for example, will provide you with a fax number that is similar to your business’s phone number at a low rate. Get a toll-free number until you’ve established your business phone number. A toll-free number further lends prestige to the firm to lenders and credit issuers.

411 Listings

Most lenders and credit issuers would not inform you that your company phone number has to be listed in the 411 directory. Since companies who are only getting off the ground are not included in 411, this is an indication to lenders that the company is already well developed. Your phone number must be publicly accessible on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to obtain a 411 entry. Visiting is a fast way to get a 411 listing without making a 411 listing find your company. When applying for a business loan or a credit card, do not use your own phone number. Ensure that the company’s phone number is clear with both apps and websites.