Business Credit Building in 30 Days

Getting Started with Business Credit

Credit given in the name of a company rather than its owner is known as business credit. It is a continuous process that must be carried out in a constructive manner. Building company credit is not something that can come to you; you must actively do it. You will get up and running and create market credit in just 30 days, but first you must make your company more fundable.

Getting Fundable is About More than Building Business Credit

Yes, fundability will help you get business credit quickly, but it will also instill credibility in the company. This will assist the company in attracting buyers and converting them into consumers. Being funded can also make you close faster, and it will do so well after the 30-day window has passed. Many of these steps would necessitate making a phone call or speaking remotely with a supplier. To speed things up, enlist the assistance of a friend or family member so that you can complete the preliminary work in two to three days.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Name

Is the name of your sector used in the name of your company? This specificity can be troublesome if you work in a potentially dangerous business. Risk is generally described as having a better chance of getting hurt on the job and working for a company that does more cash transactions than any others. Deciding your business name can take less than a day.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Phone Number

Your company will be flagged if you use a mobile phone or a home phone number, and you will not be deemed known. This would hurt the company’s ability to raise funds. A Voice Over IP number, which allows any phone number to ring any gadget and allows you to have your mobile phone, is an alternative to a cell or home phone number. Toll-free numbers, such as 800 numbers or similar exchanges like 877 or 888, are the strongest. Ringcentral, for example, will help you get a toll-free number quickly. You can also have a 411 listing for your company, which you can obtain through Be sure the phone numbers are easily accessible to lenders and credit providers.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Address

Lenders and credit providers can view working from home as a red flag. They will use Google Street View to flag your business address as residential, and you will be refused business credit. Many of these problems can be addressed with a virtual business address. You’ll get a deliverable address rather than a PO box or UPS box, which would be flagged and result in a rejection. You’ll need to have a physical address for your business. Alliance, Da Vinci, and Regus plans all provide clerical assistance, meeting centers, mail routing, and more. You can contact each of these companies for a fast live quote.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Website

A professional-looking website and email address are needed. Your domain should be either or Never get a company email address from Wix or Weebly. You may need hosting from a company such as GoDaddy. In about a day, you can purchase a domain and set up a website. If you are unfamiliar with this, larger hosting providers will provide assistance.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Email

Your email address needs to be on the same domain as your website. Generic professional names work well, such as or If you want to build a company email address, don’t use Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL. Don’t worry about checking another email address; every email can be forwarded to any other email address. Both of this should be done at the same time as the hosting.

Fast Business Credit Building: The Secretary of State’s Office

The Secretary of State’s office has information about all of the licenses you’ll need to operate your company. They still provide useful material, such as whether or not you need to take continuing education to keep your license current. Processing time varies, and it may not be done on time in some states. And if licensing takes longer than 30 days, you can at least get started on obtaining your license.Also business credit providers that need licenses can make an exception if you can show that you have submitted your application. Receipts and forms should be copied and saved.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your Business Bank Account

Many business credit providers would require that you open a business bank account, which must be dedicated solely to your company. This would also help you avoid inadvertently combining funds. Many banks allow you to apply for business bank accounts online, even though the bank has physical locations.You can get a company account quickly if you already have a personal bank account and have run it well. You can be accepted in as little as 15 minutes if you apply online. However, getting a debit card or checks through the mail can take longer. You may want to do this in person to save time.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your EIN and Business Entity

To obtain a free EIN for your company, go to the IRS website. Select a corporate party, such as a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC). You may begin as a sole proprietor, but you’ll almost certainly want to convert to a company. This is done to reduce liability and increase tax gains. A DBA is not a separate business entity. 

Fast Business Credit Building: the IRS

At, obtaining an EIN and selecting a business agency is simple. Doing these things at an early stage guarantees that you will have a fixed business address, phone number, and other details that you won’t have to alter later.

Fast Business Credit Building: SIC and NAICS Codes

At, you can also choose SIC and NAICS codes. Your company is classified using SIC and NAICS codes. The IRS is transitioning from SIC to NAICS, but for the time being, both are appropriate. Codes indicate the kind of company you run. Nonresidential Property Managers, for example, are classified under NAICS code 531312. Choose the least dangerous coding if your business fits into one or more codes. If a company is considered risky, lenders and credit suppliers are less likely to accept it. Risky also entails a greater risk of on-the-job injuries or a company that conducts more cash transactions than the norm. When you get your EIN and pick a business agency, you choose codes at the same time.

Fast Business Credit Building: Incorporating Your Business

The length of time it takes to integrate your company varies. It is determined by the state in which you are incorporated and the methods you employ. In general, forming your company online would save you time. Even if you file your incorporation application online, you will have to wait a few days. Articles of Incorporation are required in most cases. You will almost certainly need to employ a business solicitor if you want them drafted easily and accurately. In the meantime, you should focus on the other tasks that will help you become fundable and establish business credit fast.

Fast Business Credit Building: Your DUNS Number

A DUNS number from Dun and Bradstreet is required to establish business credit. A business credit report is produced when a DUNS number has three or more recorded payment encounters. As a result, you will have developed business credit. Within 30 days, the free product will email you a DUNS number. However, with a 30-day deadline, you won’t have too much time to spare. As a result, you’ll pay $229 for an accomplished DUNS number in five business days or less. Monitoring is also available for $229 through DUNSFile and CreditSignal, but only for your D&B company credit ratings. You’ll also get updates anytime your credit score increases, as well as a comprehensive D&B company credit log.

Fast Business Credit Building: Establish Payment Experiences

When assessing creditworthiness, lenders look at your credit background as one of the most important considerations. Making prompt payments demonstrates to those interested in doing business with you that you are a low-risk enterprise. Many credit accounts can be opened online in a matter of minutes, but the effect on your credit score can take longer. To save time, you only want vendors that will report to the business credit reporting agencies. 

Fast Business Credit Building: Work with Vendors Which Report

Uline, Crown Office Supplies, and Strategic Network Solutions are three vendors that do report to credit agencies. Also, vendors that report can require you to meet a minimum threshold before reporting. Crown Office Supplies, for example, includes an annual subscription fee before reporting. To get quick answers, read the fine print and call or talk online with a representative. Keep in mind, it can take over 30 days for reported purchases to show up on your business credit report.


When all is said and done, building business credit can take more than 30 days, but if your business is already established, you can save time. It’s possible that you’ll have to pay to get things done better and properly the first time, which will save you time. Whatever happens, the company will be set up and fundable after the 30-day period has passed. A highly fundable business setup will only help you in the years to come.